Sunday, 4 January 2015

Jamie Anger Rant 1

Hiya. This is in no way me procrastinating from my super important Interim Report. Not at all. Not one bit. BUT, I've been seeing a lot of people sharing petitions to stop Channel 4 from airing a comedy program about the famine.

Ah now. You can't be at that.

Because that folks, is CENSORSHIP.

And censorship is a very bad thing. Nothing should be off limits when it comes to art. Nothing. You can't be ok with making fun of one thing, but as soon as it is something that relates to you or your culture, be like "NOPE, THATS NOT OK. FUCK THAT. PETITION". It's sorta similar to what happened with The Interview recently (minus the cult of personality and nuclear weapons). Or like the time Isaac Hayes left South Park cuz they made fun of scientology. He was grand when they were poking fun at every other religion, but when it came to his, he just fucked off. That's not ok. That's prickish behaviour. To paraphrase Matt Stone "when you start saying this and this and this are ok to make fun of, but not this, then that is when the real bigotry begins". Anyway. I'm bad at words, and I realise my point isn't very focused, but The Rubberbandits and Charles put it better than I ever could.

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