Saturday, 22 February 2014

Jamie Life Update

I am not going to lie, I had completely forgotten that I had a blog. Hence the almost an entire year of not writing a blog post. Not that it matters much, however. Nobody is going to read any of this anyway. Alas, I shall use it anyway. Just as a medium through which I can vent.

Since my last post, which was waaaaaaaaaaay back in May of last year, a lot has happened to me. I went on work experience doing sound effects for cartoons, which resulted in me earning a small uncredited role in Sabrina: Secrets Of A Teenage Witch as a goblin named Spugent. This is most unusual. Every now and again I remember that millions of children around the world have heard my voice and I scream internally. Around the same time I rekindled a love lost, only to have it fall apart again a week ago. Again, I scream internally. Now I am back in College, and I can feel the anxiety attacks coming back to get me as assignments start to pile up.

I suppose the question is, what did I learn last year?

Absolutely nothing.